Finally Some Writing!

With the trauma I’ve faced recently with the plagiarism of one of my novels and subsequent online harassment, there were times when I wondered if I would ever write again. It’s hard to explain and I’ll bet many people won’t understand it, unless it happened to them, but it had been an emotional challenge getting back to work. That is saying a lot for a writer who has published fifty books in eighteen years.

However, I finally finished a novella (under my pen name) that I’d nearly completed before this happened and I also have begun editing the other one I was supposed to have finished four months ago. The word count total is tiny compared to my 6-month usual output, but the stories are solid and my readers are loving them. I hoped I have overcome enough of the anxiety to continue from here. Yes, I know my website is sadly outdated, but I’m still hanging on by fingernails here. Once I overcame the anxiety enough to write (even this little bit), it has very much helped my state of mind.

The first is book is Ava’s Revenge (An Unbounded Novella), and the second is Mortal Brother (An Unbounded Novella).  Ava’s story is already available in book and print. Chris’s story (Mortal Brother) is in the publishing process now and will hopefully be available by the end of the month. I can’t wait for my readers to learn more about some of the other characters in my Unbounded series.

Thank you for your support and love! I have really needed them these past six month.


Finally Some Writing!










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