by Rachel Ann Nunes
4 books Status: Completed

On a rainy Parisian evening, memories plague Ariana de Cotte. Memories of her beloved twin brother, her estranged parents, and the loneliness and anger that consume her. Thus begins the story of an extraordinary young woman who struggles to find meaning and hope in the face of unimaginable suffering.

Ariana #1

Ariana: The Making of a Queen

As you come to know Ariana, you will weep for her tragedy, smile at her small triumphs, rejoice as she embraces a faith that will sustain her.

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Ariana #2

Ariana: A Gift Most Precious

In this powerful sequel to The Making of a Queen, these two women and their families come face to face with the life-and-death consequences of past choices. Will their testimonies give them strength enough to withstand the darkest hours of their lives? The answer, born of both adversity and joy, is A Gift Most Precious.

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Ariana #3

Ariana: A New Beginning

Confronted by life’s challenges, Ariana discovers that her reliance on the Lord and her love for Jean-Marc and her children can make the dramatic difference between triumph and tragedy.

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Ariana #4

A Glimpse of Eternity

As the shadows darken around the Perrault family once again, they struggle to find strength and comfort in the face of almost unendurable heartache.

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