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Ariana #1

Ariana: The Making of a Queen

by Rachel Ann Nunes, 202 pages

As you come to know Ariana, you will weep for her tragedy, smile at her small triumphs, rejoice as she embraces a faith that will sustain her.

Sometimes you must face the darkest night before your heart can hear the whisperings of the Spirit.

On a rainy Parisian evening, memories plague Ariana de Cotte. Memories of her beloved twin brother, her estranged parents, and the loneliness and anger that consume her. She is nineteen, it’s her wedding night, and her life seems beyond hope or repair.

Thus begins the story of an extraordinary young woman who, as her life spirals downward, struggles to find meaning and hope in the face of unimaginable suffering. Her bitter refusal to listen to the LDS missionaries only increases her pain, as does blaming God who has allowed her so much heartache. Until one dark night, when her life hits rock-bottom and the Spirit begins its whisperings to her heart.

As you come to know Ariana, you will weep for her tragedy, smile at her small triumphs, rejoice as she embraces a faith that will sustain her, and feel the love of a good man who helps her find the power to change her life forever. Rachel Ann Nunes has created a powerful and moving novel with characters so real that you will let them into your heart and find yourself re-living this exceptional story again and again.

“The last few chapters of this book contain some of the most powerful images of forgiveness and redemption that I’ve seen in any Christian novel. Though the religion of the characters is LDS, this novel should be read by everyone who craves to understand and feel the Savior’s touch in their own lives. Well done!” –Daniel Schroeder, Boston

Note: This is the latest version of this book, completely updated and revised by the author. Any version with any other cover, whether print or ebook, is outdated.


J.H.K. says...

"I really enjoyed this book as a stand alone (however, I enjoyed it so much that I actually am currently knee deep into the series!). Iny experience, many religious themed novels can be unrealistic and can leave those of us striving to "live right" with feelings of hopelessness and lacking. Not this book. It keeps things real: real tragedy, real conflict, real emotions, real redemption and, above all, real hope. Thumbs up!"

Kathryn says...

"Such a beautiful story of triumph over tragedy and heat break. While there are many sad parts to this story the truth is strongly pronounced. There is a plan greater than our and a heavenly father who has allowed us free agency and a savior to atone for our sufferings. Such a great book that I will share with everyone I love."

LDSreader says...

"I loved reading The Making of a Queen. I love when a book brings out my emotions. Jean-Marc and Ariana are a couple I could picture adoring and looking up to. I am LDS and felt this book caught a true glimpse into our lives. Loved it!"

Melissa says...

"I am loving this series! I didn't know I was a romance novel kind of girl until I read the first story in this series. I devoured these books in a day. They are such easy pleasent reads and completely suck you in. The best part is they are completely clean, which is so unheard of these days! I will definitely be reading more by this author."