Winter Fire by Rachel Ann Nunes

Winter Fire

When she meets Blake Simmons, Amanda finds her life turned upside down. Blake doesn’t seem like the knight in shining armor she always imagined.

No Longer Strangers by Rachel Ann Nunes

No Longer Strangers

When zoologist Mitch Huntington agreed to be named in his best friends’ will as guardian to their daughter, Emily Jane, he was sure it meant nothing more than pony rides, presents on birthdays, and an occasional day at the circus. Instead he finds himself up to his elbows in diapers and soggy oatmeal.

Chasing Yesterday by Rachel Ann Nunes

Chasing Yesterday

Tyler Huntington had always thought of Savvy as his best friend, someone who would always be there for him—until she wasn’t. Now, years later, he wonders if it’s too late.

By Morning Light by Rachel Ann Nunes

By Morning Light

Can a woman love a man with the same heart that still mourns another? Or does she have to choose?

To Love and to Promise

To Love and to Promise

When Brionney Fields marries handsome and charming Derek Roathe, she feels her life is a fairy tale come true. And when baby Savannah comes along, she’s sure of it. Then, with a horrifying discovery, the dream is shattered and her fairy tale begins to unravel. Trying to pick up the bits and pieces of her life, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to take a chance at love again.

Tomorrow and Always

Tomorrow and Always

Anyone would think that Karissa and Malcolm have the perfect life. Young and successful, they’ve built their dream home on beautiful Kodiak Island in Alaska. But behind closed doors it’s a much different story.

This Very Moment by Rachel Ann Nunes

This Very Moment

Bill is a sought-after plastic surgeon for LA’s prestigious and wealthy. Yet behind his aloof exterior lurks a tragic past that prevents him from finding lasting happiness. All that changes on the day Kylee Stewart reenters his life.

A Greater Love by Rachel Ann Nunes

A Greater Love

Actions of the past have shuttered Daniel’s heart, but his wife, Cristina, can no longer deny the deep longings inside her own heart. When fate throws two seemingly unconnected orphans into their path, only the Savior’s love can heal them and guide them to where they were always meant to be.

The Independence Club by Rachel Ann Nunes

The Independence Club

Five single women’s lives are bound together as they see each other through tears, romance, and happiness, all the while learning the true meaning of friendship.

A Heartbeat Away by Rachel Ann Nunes

A Heartbeat Away

You think it’s never going to happen to you. I know because that’s how I was—untouchable. Bad things only happen to someone else. Or if something bad actually did happen, it was always something the doctor could fix with fiberglass or a pill. That’s the way it was with my family—at least until the year I turned thirteen.